Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Sophie Cook

Sophie Cook Bottles October 2009
Porcelain Bottles 2009
Sophie Cook studied ceramics at Camberwell School of Art 94 - 97. She is currently throwing porcelain bottles on the wheel. Her vibrant glazes embody subtle, sculptural shapes to create fluid almost luminous forms which suggest a contemporary feel to a traditional craft.

Walter Keeler

Saltglazed Oval Jug
Trained at Harrow School of Art before the Studio Pottery Course was established.First studio 1965, present studio since 1976. Maker of functional pottery of an individual nature in salt glazed stoneware, some in earthenware.

Peter Beard

Stoneware Vessel

Makes thrown and hand build individual pieces mainly in stoneware. High and low temperature glazes with colour pigments are used to achieve matt and fluid textures giving a wide range of pastel to strong colours.
Author of 'Resist and masking techniques'.
His work is represented many private and public collections.

Fenella Mallalieu

Fenella talking about her work:
"In the twenty years I have been potting I still enjoy making pots on the wheel. I love the immediacy of the process and the fluidity of the material when wet. Similarly, my love affair with lead glazes, which began as a student at Goldsmith's College in the early eighties, has continued ever since, often against the prevailing wind of fashion.
More recently, a new body of work reflects a stay in the tea plantation hills of Southern India, where every view contains a dozen shades of green, each subtly different yet startlingly intense."

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Valeria Nascimento

Anemones Installation

Valeria Nascimento draws much of her inspiration from the natural world. Her work uses repetitive sequencing with separate elements, to create cohesive sculptural groups. Valeria works with porcelain which has the smoothness and malleability she needs to create new shapes. She manipulates it, in some cases, to appear defiantly weightless. She is principally interested in creating large-scale wall installation pieces.


Antonia Salmon

Holding piece

Antonia Salmon is known for her fine burnished and smoke-fired sculptures. Her interest is in creating striking, contemplative forms that sit with poise. 

Antonia takes inspiration from natural objects, archaeological artifacts and the landscape near to her home.

Large Vessel

Annabel Faraday

Annabel Faraday 2009

Annabel Faraday makes illustrated stoneware pieces, that document the richness of places in flux. Her work is concerned with moments in time; before the demolition starts or the sanitising obliterates, at the point where nature and the elements have begun to transform.

Annabel employs a unique method of printing with iron, onto slabs of raw clay coated with slip. She uses her own photographic images, and collages from old maps and documents. The vessels are then hand built from the printed slabs. The forms retain a simplicity which provides a canvas for the multi-layered, detailed imagery.
Annabel Faraday 2009

Jenny Southam

Woman Reclining In Her Garden

Jenny Southam works in low-fired terracotta which she decorates with slips and oxides. The figures are celebratory. They explore mythical and domestic themes, and are informed by the patterns and rituals we construct to keep our world sane and well-ordered. Each piece is a one-off, although Jenny will revisit certain subjects and themes. The decorative slips are used in an intuitive manner and echo the emotional rhythms of the pieces.

Man Cutting Hedge

Friday, 24 April 2009

David Allnatt

Two Double Walled Bowls

Recent work by David Allnatt uses the structure of double-walled bowl forms. He is interested in the concept of positive and negative space, and the relationship between the inner and outer form. Much of his inspiration comes from the landscape and natural forms.

The pieces are hand built using coiling and press moulding techniques. David has developed his own glazes which produce richly coloured and textured surfaces.

Doubled Walled Vessel

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

New Makers at Contemporary Ceramics

Photograph (left to right)
Susan Disley, Aneta Regel Deleu

A New Home For Contemporary Ceramics

Contemporary Ceramics opened at Somerset House on the 20th March 2009. Fans of our previous address on Marshall Street will remember us for the variety of makers and work that was on display. Ranging from hand thrown mugs through to sculptural forms and stand-alone vessels. 

Our new gallery in Somerset House provides a classical setting in which both functional ceramics and stand-alone pieces sit side by side. Although smaller than our previous venue, we aim to exhibit an interesting group of makers. In addition to our regular work we will be showing a selection of different makers each month, some of whom are new to us.

Contemporary Ceramics
Courtyard Room, South Building
Somerset House

+44(0)207 836 7475