Tuesday, 4 May 2010

James & Tilla Waters

Both James and Tilla studied fine art before becoming apprentices of Rupert Spira. In 2002 they started making pots in their own workshop. They both have a meticulous attention to detail which can be seen in both the throwing of the work and also the decoration. The making process is shared, with Tilla being responsible for the decoration whilst James takes charge of the throwing.

They work in porcelain.

Sotis Filippides

New Work. Black stoneware rocking bowl, with a pitted glaze inside.

Karen Bunting

New work from Karen includes; faceted Teabowls and decorated irregular plates. The Teabowls use a soft pale glaze which allows the iron in the clay to break through. Karen has incised the plates with a linear pattern and motifs, which she paints with oxides before glazing.

Karen Bunting lives and works in East London. Her work is thrown or handbuilt and is decorated by incising or painting with oxides. She exhibit and sells throughout the UK and abroad

Last Month at Somerset House

We are now into our last month at Somerset House. During our 14 months here, we have showcased an exciting and varied selection of both established and new makers. We are still receiving new work, the most recent of which is from Karen Bunting, Sotis Filippides and James & Tilla Waters.

Our last trading day at Somerset House will be Sunday 30th May 2010. If you still haven't seen us here, there are still a few weeks in which to pop in and say hello.

We will be keeping everyone updated with the progress of the refurbishment of our fantastic new Ceramics Centre at 63 Great Russell Street (opposite the British Museum) which is planned to open in September 2010.